Hiring a Professional Personal Trainer

The decision to hire a Professional Personal Trainer (PPT) is a serious one and should not be taken lightly. The New England Journal of Medicine reported the single most important step in regards to fat loss and exercise is to get one on one guidance with a professional personal trainer. This person is going to be responsible for your health and well being. The right PPT will save you years of frustration and pain. Never let cost be the deciding factor in your decision to hire a PPT.You do get what you pay for.

Always try a few sessions first before making a final decision. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with and have confidence in your PPT. Be sure that you will have easy access to your PPT. Make sure that there are no hidden costs. Some PPT charge extra for things like nutritional or cardiovascular programs. Be leery of outlandish promises or guarantees. Especially before and after photos. A PPT should never sell products that they recommend to a client. This is a clear conflict of interest. Have your prospective PPT map out exactly what they are going to do to get you where you want to be. Lastly, nobody knows you better than you.

You should feel comfortable enough with your PPT to question or express opinions concerning your training. Following these few simple guidelines will make your experience with a PPT a safe and healthy one.


The truth about dieting!

Have you ever looked at the first three letters in the word DIET? The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies a diet containing less than 2100 calories for a man and 1800 for a woman as a starvation diet. People who diet eat less than 1500 calories a day. The single most important principle of weight management is to never starve you. We are wired to eat, you must eat. It’s not natural not to. If you don’t give your body what it needs it will fight back.

Even if you do manage to lose weight when dieting, as much as 60% can of the weight loss can be metabolically active muscle. Muscle burns 70% more calories than fat. Anything you regain will be all fat. You cannot regain muscle. You must build muscle. Lose too much weight to fast and you will release a fat storing hormone called lipoprotein lipase. The very act of losing weight strengthens and makes more potent the very hormone that is in great measure responsible for you being overweight to begin with. Here’s an example of what happens when you diet.

You weigh yourself and at 240lbs decide its time to do something about it. You’re body fat percentage is 33% or 79lbs of fat. After two months of strict dieting you weigh in at 200lbs at 28% body fat.

However, over the next ten months you regain 30 lbs of fat and now weigh in at 230lbs. Yes you are 10 lbs lighter than when you started. Now the bad news. You weigh 230lbs at 35% body fat. That’s 82lbs of fat compared to 79lbs when you started.

Body fat percentage up , body fat up, lean tissue down. One year later you’re heavier and unhealthier than when you started.

Of greater concern is a type of fat you can’t get rid of by dieting alone. That fat is called visceral adipose tissue or VAT. VAT lies deep within the abdominal cavity. VAT has been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and high total cholesterol. Alcohol is a major contributor to VAT. Dieting alone will not reduce the amount of VAT you have but healthy eating and exercise will.


What Does Work

Behaviour Modification, Balanced Nutrition and Exercise!

The evidence is indisputable. The most effective way to achieve short term and long term fat loss comes from a lifestyle that combines behaviour modification, balanced nutrition and exercise.

There are six stages to Behaviour modification. 
1. Precontemplation : denial, or not acknowledging there is a problem.
2. Contemplation: acknowledging there is a problem but not ready to change.
3. Preparation: getting ready to change.
4. Action: changing the behaviour.
5. Maintenance: maintaining the positive behaviour.
6. Relapse: returning to the old destructive behaviour.

At what stage are you at?
Simply put, you need to change what you’re doing. Weight management isn’t something you simply try to do; it’s a lifestyle you develop. It takes time and patience to lose fat and become a healthier person. New eating habits must develop and mature into a way of life. Numerous studies have shown the highest success rates of people who lose fat and keep it off are people who participate in behaviour modification. The New England Journal of Medicine reported the single most important step in BM in regards to fat loss is to get one on one guidance with a professional personal trainer.

Balanced Nutrition
Optimum health and fat loss comes when we supply our body with sufficient nutrients to maintain blood sugar and energy levels. Immune system, hormones and numerous other things while losing weight. If fat loss was simply a matter of burning more calories than you take in, the problem of obesity would have been solved long ago. Your body is constantly self-adjusting. Your body temperature rises, it perspires to cool down. The body will adapt to anything you throw at it. So how does this self-regulating affect your weight loss? Answer: if you are continually underfed, your body will self-adjust by slowing its metabolism. Being underfed results in bone loss and muscle loss and you become trapped in what is called a catabolic syndrome. You must maintain a balance between an anabolic and a catabolic metabolism. Anabolic means building up or repairing of healthy tissue,(that’s a good thing) and catabolic refers to the breaking down healthy of tissue (that’s a bad thing). This is the most common reason diets fail and people become trapped in this never ending cycle of losing fat and regaining fat. Over and over again. We know that protein repairs and rebuild the body, carbohydrates give you energy and fats provide hormonal foundation for cells. To drastically cut back on these foods is ludicrous.

The National Weight Control Registry states “if you need to lose more than two stone you have a 1% chance of doing it with exercise alone. A 10% chance of doing it with dieting alone but an astounding 89% chance of achieving your goal when you combine exercise with balanced nutrition. It’s the only way to achieve long term fat loss and improve your health at the same time. Studies support that the most effective exercise programs for fat loss and optimum health are program that combine resistance training with short bursts of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Surprisingly, the longer a trainee experiences the fat loss, the more time should be should be spent doing resistance training. The bottom line? For healthy long term fat loss you must do three things:

Behaviour Modification, Balanced Nutrition and Exercise!


5 Reasons Weight Training For Weightloss Beats Cardio Exercise

1. Working out with weights increases lean muscle tissue. The more muscle one has the faster your resting metabolism will be. Resting metabolic rate is how much energy your body requires, just to function. The higher your metabolic rate the more calories and body fat get used for energy.

2. Weight training increases production of two key fat burning hormones: growth hormone and testosterone. In greater amounts, these hormones will improve the body's efficiency at using stored fat for energy.

3. Weight training recruits more fast twitch muscle fibre than lengthy cardio sessions. Fast twitch fibre requires more calories to function.

4. Lifting weights shapes and hardens the body, creating the illusion that more fat was lost than what actually shows on the scale. Toned muscle takes up less space than does loose, flabby muscle.

5. Long aerobic workouts will elevate the body's metabolic rate for about 30 minutes; after this it returns to where it was prior to the workout. On the other hand, weight training can elevate the metabolic rate for much longer: as much as 24 hours longer. This is known as excess post oxygen consumption, or the "afterburn".


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Disclaimer - Weight loss and performance claims are based on the individual. The amount of Weight Loss and Health Benefits will be different for each individual based on their time spent exercising and their diet.


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